Sally; American Horror Story

This drawing is a depiction of Sally from American Horror Story. I used colored pencils as my medium and the combination of colors to create realistic features such as her collar bones and her hair. Line, value, shape, rhythm and pattern are all incorporated into this drawing. Her hair was created using lines in a rhythmic pattern and gradually created value by getting softer as it flows outward. I used pattern on her leopard jacket and in designing her blouse. Shadowing was a big part in creating her facial features as well to give it a realistic look. 


Forest Witch

This is a drawing I have created using color. This picture portrays symmetrical balance because it is a direct frontal portrait drawing of the witch. I used colored pencils as well as classic pencils as my medium and again, created shadowing around the facial area and where the branches stick out of her hair. Of course, line is a huge component of this piece because every strand of her hair is brought together by lines drawn over and over again demonstrating repetition. The shadowing also creates a use of depth expressing that her hair goes beyond the paper. 

Man playing the guitar 

This is a drawing I have created using a medium of pencil. An important skill that I have incorporated throughout this drawing process is the use of shadowing. Using my blending tools as well as erasers and certain types of pencils, I have been able to develop a well constructed portrait of a person. Value was also important to this art piece because it makes the drawing flow together and create a realistic image.