Christmas Lights

This is a picture I took of a lit up decorated Christmas attraction during the holidays. This image follows the rule of thirds very well because the subject, which is the tree, is not perfectly centered which gives you a more comfortable feel when you look at the photograph. It is very balanced and more specifically, asymmetrically balanced because the height of the house relative to the tree is comfortably fitted and gives off an appealing/ eye catching visual. 


Midnight Trees

In this photograph that I took, I incorporated many different rules of composition and techniques to make a visually appealing picture. It’s a simple shot composed of bare trees which you can easily see because of the simple light colored background (orange sunset). There is a great use of value as the orange in the sky fades to light blue which then fades even darker creating a dramatic scene. The orange tone emphasizes the trees making it catch your eye first. 

Portrait~ Reading


This is a portrait image that I took. The background is simple and is a good complementing color to the subject’s actions. It portrays symmetrical balance because it is almost the same on each side of the image. It is visually pleasing because it gives off a comfortable feel and soft presentation.